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Kit Arn '76

Kit Arn '76

Kit Arn '76 never bothered to get a Wooster class ring, but that doesn't mean he isn't fond of his alma mater. "I love this place as much as any person can," he insists. And he does wear a ring to prove it: the one that belonged to his father, Ed Arn '31.

Ed, who served Wooster as director of development and director of alumni relations from 1958 to 1974, and his wife, Pat, "inculcated in all of us that a good alum supports his institution," Kit recalls.

He has taken the lesson to heart, contributing to The Wooster Fund every year since he graduated. And he has included Wooster in his estate planning.

"I've been blessed," says Kit, who sold his wholesale wine distribution business three years ago, "and it looks as though when I die, there might be something left over."

At 53, with two of his five children still to put through college, he's not ready to make an irrevocable commitment like an Estate Note, but he has made the College aware of his intent. For Kit, including Wooster in his estate planning is "a way to honor my family's legacy and to help some other student to come here and get the chance I got."