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Chris Causey '85

Chris Causey '85

Last fall, as Chris Causey '85 and his wife Julie were preparing to travel overseas, they updated their wills. They wanted to make sure their sons-ages 17, 19, and 20-were provided for. But they also wanted to do more.

"It's not like there aren't financial pressures on us," Causey says. "We have two in college and another one soon to be there as well, but we saw this as an opportunity to take actions that match our values, to provide not just for [our sons'] educations, but also for the well-being of institutions that we love."

So they made provisions in their wills for both their alma maters: Wooster and Colby College. Causey calls it "a placeholder" and says they hope to do more in the future.

"Our sons know Wooster is important to who I am, so this is an opportunity to demonstrate to them the importance of putting your money where your mouth is and the importance of leaving a legacy."