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Wooster graduates consistently agree that the friendships, academic, and extracurricular activities at Wooster changed their lives and set the stage for their future success. You can help future generations of Wooster students experience those life-changing moments. Consider joining your fellow alumni and others to keep Wooster strong. Some of the links below can help you define your legacy at Wooster.


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Find Best Gift

To help you determine the ideal gift to Wooster based on your philanthropic goals, we’ve developed some simple web tools. By answering a few questions or by comparing options you’ll have a better understanding of the gifts that are right for you.  

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Most Common Assets to Give

Making a gift other than cash can be confusing. Learn which assets are most commonly used to fund a gift. Depending upon your financial goals and circumstances, you might find you can make a gift you never imagined possible.

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Techniques for Giving

Regardless of how you might choose to fund your gift, it’s important to know you have options. We have a variety of gift arrangements that offer tax advantages, lifetime income, and the peace of mind of supporting your family as well as Wooster. We can help craft a plan specifically for you. 

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