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Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:


Anne Mayer Donor College of Wooster

Anne Mayer '57

If Anne Mayer's life were a concerto, The College of Wooster would be one of its recurring themes.

Berne Smith Donor College of Wooster

Berne Smith '62

After Years Helping Others with Their Estate Planning, Berne Smith '62 Puts the Same Tools to Work for Himself...and Wooster

Bob Mantel Donor College of Wooster

Bob Mantel '61

Bob Mantel Knows "You Can Never Have Enough Student Aid"

Bob and Hope Black Donors College of Wooster

Bob and Hope Black '56

Every year, Bob and Hope Black know they will get a Valentine’s Day card from The College of Wooster. It may seem like a small thing, but it means a lot to the couple, who met as students at Wooster and celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary this year.

Chris Causey Donor College of Wooster

Chris Causey ’85

At 49, Chris Causey Is Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is.

Don Custis Donor College of Wooster

Don Custis '58

Don Custis '58 has his eye on future generations of Wooster students. That's why he and his wife, Becky, have used an Estate Note to establish the Donald D. and Rebecca Custis Scholarship Fund.

Tom Johson Donor College of Wooster

Dr. Tom Johnson '56

For 30 years, Dr. Tom Johnson '56 devoted his professional life to advancing the cause of medical education, as a professor at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine and as dean of the University of North Dakota School of Medicine.

Fran Johnston Donor College of Wooster

Fran Johnston '61

Fran Johnston '61 believes that every generation has an obligation to provide opportunities for those who follow. That's why she decided to create an estate note for her alma mater, which she says has given her "so much."

Kit Arn Donor College of Wooster

Kit Arn '76

Kit Arn '76 never bothered to get a Wooster class ring, but that doesn't mean he isn't fond of his alma mater. "I love this place as much as any person can," he insists. And he does wear a ring to prove it: the one that belonged to his father, Ed Arn '31.

Larry Vodra '61 and Nancy Morning Vodra '63 Donors College of Wooster

Larry Vodra '61 and Nancy Morning Vodra '63

Larry Vodra jokes that he’s the only person he knows who travelled farther to high school than he did to college. A self-described “townie” whose father worked for Rubbermaid, Larry grew up just north of Wooster’s campus, on Gasche Street.

Les Hauschild Donor College of Wooster

Les Hauschild '57

As a student at Wooster in the mid-1950s, Les Hauschild knew how difficult it was to make ends meet. Faced with tuition and other expenses, he needed a consistent source of revenue, and he found it in a sandwich concession business, which delivered late-night snacks to students across campus.

Paul Howland Donor College of Wooster

Paul Howland ’50

When Paul Howland ’50, did his Independent Study on the life and jurisprudence of Chief Justice John Marshall, most Wooster students had to confine their research to the resources available on campus.

Willard A. Hanna Donor College of Wooster

Willard A. Hanna '32

In March, The College of Wooster was pleased to announce a gift of $1 million from the estate of Marybelle B. Hanna. This bequest will endow a new chair in honor of her late husband, Willard A. Hanna, class of 1932, and be known as the Willard A. Hanna Chair in Southeast Asian Studies.